Need call center software w/ * integration

Are there any call center software packages that integrate with *? I’m looking for something that will track incoming calls, integrate with a customer database for CRM (associate CID info with customer numbers, allow orders to be taken, etc.) and maybe even prompt the agents with the right things to say. It would be good if it can also automate outgoing calls, though at this point I don’t need that.

A free solution would be ideal, but commercial solutions may be an option depending on pricing, etc. Right now I only plan to have 4-6 agents, so I’m not interested in solutions with ‘enterprise’ pricing or software requirements (no Oracle licenses or five-figure license fees, etc.)

I’ve looked at astGUIclient and vicidial, but they don’t do what I need (particularly the CRM-type functionality.) What else is available?

There has been integration done with SugarCRM (

Also SugarCRM integratoin is included in Asterisk@Home:

The above integration does not guarantee that it will fit all of your requirements and may still take some customization/integration work.

While SugarCRM provides for CRM, including SFA, case management, etc, it is not a ‘scripting tool’ per se, although it is excpetionally customizable and may be integrated with other applications.

SugarCRM will operate on MySQL. Further, it is possible to integrate a myriad of CRM applications on Asterisk, just need to do the development work.