Asterik Call Logging System


I work for an interpreting company. The call log system we have here requires all interpreters to individually state enter the time of the call, end of call, etc. We use Aupix, it is a video phone. I don’t know much about asterisk but can it be developed where it can automatically log the calls once the interpreter answers?

Also what kind of developer would I have to hire to program such?

Any help is appreciated.

Call recording is a standard feature of *, for every call recorded you’ll get a file in a spool directory, the * configuration to do this is simple, just dialplan programming.
With a little more effort and some agi scripting you can have a system that creates a list of all recordings in a database and let you listen to the recordings through a web page.
Don’t know if there is something ready out there.

A developer which knows Asterisk, Php and Mysql can do this.


Marco Bruni