Call remote client connected to asterisk server

I am just trying that i make voice / video calls to all from the centeral office where the asterisk server is located. I am new to asterisk and was able to create point to point network and it worked for video/voice .But the both the client are on the same subnet .Now i am trying to test when the client are on different network and they will be able to do voice/video calling .

Welcome! What you describe can work in most situations. Check for NAT settings, external IP address, etc. These vary based on what channel technology you are using and are also affected by your ISP. Other things to watch for include carrier grade NAT issues such as IPv4-in-IPv6 tunnels – that breaks a lot of mobile client (IPv6) to central server (IPv4) setups.

Thank You for your reply penguinpbx.

I am trying to connect two remote client (users) from different offices to the same asterisk server ? so the client A is in subnet 10.192.20.x and client B is on 10.192.30.x i am trying to have those to client register via sip and be able to make the Video / voice calls . aslo the third client is on internet work from home 10.192.40.x .

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That addrdss isn’t on the internet! You would need to use a VPN to preserve the address, or NAT and its public address.

Hi david551,

  Thank You for your reply , So what you are saying is If the NAT is configured for the client that is on  internet and the two clients in the remote offices .Plus the route needs to be added .So, if after that I will be able to ping all three nodes from the main office ? Is that possible can you plz draw a hand diagram ? 

Thank You.

Once your clients are registered reliably, then yes you should be able to “ping” them from the server (in SIP terms, it could be ping’ing with NOTIFY or OPTIONS messages eg. “pjsip qualify 123” on the Asterisk CLI.)

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