Call Recording Not Working

I’ve setup a FXS extension and set Record Incoming and Record Outgoing to “Always”.

Clicked the Apply button on FreePBX and made a few test calls from the said extension.

Then I looked for the recordings on /var/spool/asterisk/monitor. But there was none.

Then I watched asterisk when I place the calls. At certain point is says “recordingcheck|20080424-161515|1209064503.5: No AMPUSER db entry for . Not recording”.

So it’s clear nothing is being recorded. But why? How to get * to record the calls?

Also IAX2 extensions get recorded without a problem, only FXS extensions won’t get recorded.

That’s a FreePBX error. Have you dug through the FreePBX documentation?

You are probably running FreePBX and / or Asterisk as a user that doesn’t have permission to either write to that path,
or you have a problem with reading and writing to your database backend.

Yes, I have read all FreePBX documentation regarding the Call Recording feature. I am doing the configuration correctly, all in accordance with the documentation.

If you’re right than I shouldn’t be able to record any extentions at all. But I can record SIP and IAX extensions without issue. Only ZAP extensions aren’t working.

That’s seems more likely, maybe it’s related to how ZAP extensions data is stored on the database…

I’ll try to get to the DB ext data and find out. But what’s the DB name and table name for ext data?