Call recording only 1 side

First of all, I am a bit confused where I can post this. I am using Asterisk with FreePBX, and I am never sure if my question is for Asterisk or FreePBX. What are the Guidelines?

Anyway, in case this is for Asterisk, here goes:

Sometimes I need to record calls. The GUI is set to “On Demand”, and when I set it to “Always”, it records fine, the calls show up in /var/spool/asterisk/monitor. But they do not show up in the GUI, at least I have not found them there. But I can get the calls by logging into a command prompt on the asterisk system, moving the files to a different directory, and then using Filezilla to extract them to my desktop.
Now, when I set the system back to “On Demand”, I can use *1 to initiate a recording. The problem is that the recording is only of one side of the conversation, which is not what I want.

“Always”-> correct recording but I don’t want to record every call.
“On Demand”-> I can select the calls to be recorded, but only one side is recorded.

How do I get “On Demand” to record the complete conversation?

This is going to be a FreePBX thing I believe, There is no GUI for Vanilla asterisk.

Basically, if you have to refer to something on the GUI, it is FreePBX. Those GUI functions will be implemented in terms of Monitor or Mixmonitor, but you need to be a FreePBX expert to know which and how.

If you are dealing with, say, as SIP protocol bug, it may be possible to ignore FreePBX, in part because it is easy to extract the sip.conf settings from FreePBX, and many such bugs are not strongly associated with the details of the dialplan.

Feature code *1 is using monitor app I think that’s why it is just recording one side of the call, make a feaute code that use mixmonitor instead, for example

edit /etc/asterisk/features.conf and set I think on freepbx there is a custom features conf file where you need to make the changes


automixmon => *3 ; One Touch Record a.k.a. Touch MixMonitor – Make sure to set the X and/or x option in the ;Dial() or Queue() app call!