Get callerID of callers in queue?


I’m using AMI to see the callers waiting in queue. I can extract the endpoint’s name from the channel and do a lookup to find the callerID when the endpoint is internal but what about external calls?

What asterisk or AMI command can I use to lookup the caller ID on a external’s channel?

The commands I use in AMI are:


I execute this command and do a regex to retrieve the internal callerID :


I could do coreshowchannels to see it but it will list all the active channels…

Maybe I can somehow pass the PSTN callerID from the dialplan to the AMI?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

I made a PHP tool to monitor Live calls including calls on queue, I get the caller id using the command :

core show channels verbose then I use some php functions to make a filter of the output

Did you try using Action QueueStatus? … ueueStatus.
Response would give you some more information along with callerids waiting in a queue

–Satish Barot

You are right, it’s much simpler with QueueStatus. Too bad I did not think of it before.

Thanks -Satish Barot, _QueueStatus provide useful information for my queue monitor tool

Thanks ambiorixg12.
We all are hear to help one another and make our life better with Asterisk, aren’t we?