Call queue delivery

Hello Guys,

I have one question about deliver call into one Queue. Supose that´s my Queue have 5 channels and all this channel is free.

My System has Agent login to logger into the queue via HTTP and the SIP channel is linked this Login Agent.

Every must be marked into my Agent system.

Example: sale completed, sale not completed, call back at another time, etc…

Problem: Sometimes agent does not mark this call and this call is completed. So, new call into to Agent (queue) and the last call don´t marked.

Is there any solution where i running one script after the Asterisk deliver one call into the Queue ?

I thought about pausing a channel and if agent mark thi call, i will unpause this SIP/Channel for login the Agent…


Are you referring to wrap up time?

Whilst I’m not sure that I understand the question properly, I wonder if this queue option migh help:

F - When the caller hangs up, transfer the called member to the next priority of the current extension and start execution at that location.
NOTE: Any channel variables you want the called channel to inherit from the caller channel must be prefixed with one or two underbars (‘_’).
NOTE: Using this option from a Macro() or GoSub() might not make sense as there would be no return points.

@david551 , i will try this option after hang up the caller. When the caller hang up, i will running one AGI.


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