Call pickup (*8) broken with upgrade to

Last night I upgraded our 1.4.22 FPBX box to and today nobody could use call pickup (*8).

Any phone where *8 was attempted would go off-hook to nowhere but the ring group’s phones would continue ringing. Call pickup is used extensively by our non-frontline people when they’re feeling energetic, so this change was noticed.

Tonight I went through everything I could find - pickup group assignments, hangup defined as **, etc. - but now it’s time for a late dinner. I went back to 1.4.22 without any other changes and all is well again.

Has anyone seen similar? I notice the change history has several mentions of call pickup and similar. Is *8 still working for others?

(This is all SIP: Snom phones and * server to Sangoma POTS lines.)

There is a patch for that looks like it’ll solve this issue. Details here.

Yes indeed. Thanks. I’ll work that in next time I have a chance.

How come you upgraded?