Pickup Group Problem with

Hi all,

I am quite new to this forum and asterisk. I have just installed a new machine and upgraded my asterisk from 1.4.22 to

It seems that call pickup group does not work anymore.

I have found the following possible patch for my problem.


My question is, how do I apply this patch to my machine? I am not a linux expert so I am looking forward to see some small guide from all you guys.

PS: Would it give any downtime to my asterisk while I am applying the patch?

Thanks in advance.



Yes does have a bug with pickup. call pickup fails as described in bug.

But for clarifaction for people searching the forum , This issue is that when you try to do a pickup using the code in the features.conf the called extesnion stops ringing but the call isnt picked up.

The best approach is to upgrade 1.2.24-rc1 is out and it fixes this problem. might as well but not tested it.


Hi Ian,

if you can really show how to apply such patches on existing (in production) systems it would be great and nice of you.

also if some one could show a way to upgrade from an earlier release to newer release without affecting existing configuration it would really help us newbies.

Thank Ian.