Call parking on Grandstream gxp-2000 phones

Hello all I installed my first live site today !. yay!. I am using Trixbox and I made a fool of myself during demo when I was showing everyone how to park calls. I thought this worked before but it did not today.
I am using a grandstream gxp-2000 phone and when i had a caller on the line i pressed the transfer button then 70 and pound then hung up. It did not announce where it went, but aftering calling ext 71 the caller was there.

Can i get the annouce part to work using the transfer button or should i just press #70 to transfer?


Transfer button won’t do what you want. On the GXP, transfer is blind transfer. When it requests the transfer, it disconnects itself so it does not play you the transfer message.

Use the DTMF key sequence…

Also on some phones you can remap the XFER button to send a dtmf sequence instead of sending a sip transfer…

sorry for sounding dumb but is dtmf the #70 sequence?

yeah. DTMF is Dual Tone Multi Frequency, aka pushing buttons on a normal analog phone. SIP phones dial by directly sending the destination number (like PRI) but when you push buttons during the call, thats DTMF.

cool thanks for your help