I don't hear the Parking slot confirmation


When I park a conversation, all is working fine except that I don’t hear the parking slot used/attributed.
Strange as I see the "Playing ‘digits/7’ … ‘digits/0’ … ‘digits/1’ in the console …

First test : Playback(digits/7&digits/0&digits/1) is ok :wink:

(Rel. 1.4.2 on Ubuntu Dapper-Server.)

Thanks for help.

What phone are you using?

A Grandstream GXP2000 but it is exactly the same if I do the transfert to 700 from IDEFISK softphone.

Strange it is working fine by clickink the # buttom in place of the dedicate “Transf” buttom on the Grandstream or in the softphone.

Any explanations ?

This is exactly my problem! When I try to transfer a call to 700, the person on hold gets the on hold music and the console shows:

Parked Zap/1-1 on 701. Will timeout back to extension [isdn-incoming] 833310, 1 in 240 seconds
– Added extension ‘701’ priority 1 to parkedcalls
– Playing ‘digits/7’ (language ‘en’)

So, the call is actually parked, and allocated the parking number (in the above case 701) but the number is NOT read back through the phone, so although the call is on hold, the user does not know extension it is parked on without looking at the console :frowning:

Dialling 701, does pick up the parked called again, proving that it is actually parked and it’s just the extension number not being generated on the phone… I’m willing to believe that its a config error as I’ve just upgraded from 1.0.10 to 1.2.14 and I still have this problem.

Can anyone help? My phones are snom 320’s



Actually, I’ve just re-read the above post and the problem isn’t exactly the same as mine. The effect is the same, the parked call extension is not read over the phone, but in my case, only the first digit shows on the console:

Playing ‘digits/7’ (language ‘en’)

But no other digits are shown.

It’s driving me mad now :-/


I’ve found a solution to my problem.

I was using the transfer button on the Snom 320 phone to transfer to 700, and this wasn’t working. However, if I use #700, it does work. Although i’d still like to transfer with the transfer button as I can do for other extensions.


I should read the GXP2000 doc. better earlier … Sorry.

  1. Blind Transfer: Press “TRNFâ€