Assign button for parking on Granstream GXP2000?

I cant figure it out for the life of me.

If im in a call I can do #700, and it will park the call at 701 after telling u it will park it at 701.

If i were to hit TRNF, then dial 700 it will park it at 701 and not tell me it did.

If i assign anything to the quick dial keys, while im in a call they do not even work. Id like to assign one as a park key (#700) but that doesnt help if it doesnt work during a call…

Any help??


still havent found anywhere on google that answers this…

is thier at least a way i can start dialing instead of having to his speakerphone button first? that is annoying

I have two buttons on my phones for 701 and 702, then I have a button for 700 so when I want to park a call I just press transfer+my park button(700)
the light lights for 701 or 702 which ever is open, then I tell whoever its for which park to pick up, they press that button and get the call