Call Limit question

I usually set the extensions with call-limit = 1 on extensions in order to avoid that whoever is on the phone can receive other calls in parallel.
I also have a habit of configuring blind-transfer and awaited-transfer using the * (attend) and # (blind) keys
However, I have some customers who do not like to use the asterisk for the expected transfer, because they get annoyed having to type the extension (which maybe they don’t even remember) and want to use the BLF buttons.
But … to use the BLF button I can no longer use the call-limit = 1 because, in fact, being the operator when he presses the extension key he is a second phone call and does not allow it because obviously he says call-limit exceeded .
So I wonder, who is more experienced than me, how does he solve this type of problem?

Tnx a lot and… sorry for my bad english

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