Asterisk 1.4 call-limit & busy-limit

I am struggling to work out how to get call-limit and busy limit to work in my application. What I am trying to achieve I thought was a pretty simple task. When an extension is on a call and some else calls them the call is processed as being “BUSY” so can go to busy voicemail or similar. But for the life of me I cant get it to work.

The closest I have gotten is when I set call-limit to 1 and then when I make a call to an extension which is on the phone, I get their busy voicemail message which is what I want. But the problem with this is the user then cant transfer a call as their call-limit is set to 1. I have tried busy-limit but that seems to be ignored.

Can any1 offer some assistance as what may be going wrong.

By the way I am using Asterisk 1.4.18.

Thanks in advance.


Did you try set both ?



Marco Bruni

Yes, I have tried setting both of them but it appears that the call-limit is the only one that is processed. If I set call-limit to 1 the functionality is as I want but you cant make a second call. If I change call-limit to 2 then when I ring the extension that is busy, I get call-waiting which isnt what I am after.

It is as if busy-limit does nothing…

Any1 have any ideas as to why the busy-limit does not work??