Transfer call when using calllimit=1


We are setting up asterisk with several sip eyebeam softphones.

I have used call limit=1 in sip.conf to stop the phones receiving another call when its in use. If a telesales person is already on a call and taking a complex order she does not want to hear a ringing for the 2nd incomming call. This is very important.

I have also used the patch on 1.2.3 to fix the calllimit bug which stopped call limit working.

Now everything seems to work

Blind call transfer ok.

Attended transfer now does not work as you cannot get the 2nd line to dial the person you want to transfer to due to call limit=1. I cannot set call limit to 2 as then they could get a 2nd incomming call when already on a call.

What can we do to get around this. Can you do call transfer using some sort of extension macro ?..

Any Ideas ?