Call from one did to another ... how to do?

Hi all, I am pretty new to asterisk… and to english too.
this is my problem, I have two dids, i wanto to setup my box to allow calls from one did (20 channels) and to select a number to be called over the other did ( in another country)
how can i do that ?
thanks for any help

DID (direct inward dialing) is a service which delivers calls to you. You cannot call anybody from a DID. You call to a DID from the PSTN or from a SIP termination provider.

If you want your Asterisk server to handle transit calls (it receives an inbound call and connects it with an outbound call) then you need DID for the inbound service and termination for the outbound service. Your dialplan should answer the inbound call and either invoke DISA() or WaitExten() or Dial() to place the related outbound call and connect them.

(I think there is a common mis-use of DID, on this forum, to mean trunk.)