Call from a web site

I was wondering if there was a way to put a link on my website that people can click on and directly call my sip phone. I am runningn php-nuke so if there are and modules that do that it would be even sweeter!.

sure you can do that - there are various examples around that people have done. I wouldn’t want to expose my Asterisk server to the web, but if your web server is on the same internal lan as your asterisk server, then it is fairly straight forward to initiate the call in response to some web input on the web server.

I happen to have IIS on a Small Busienss Server facing the web. I wrote a really short program that takes the phone number info on the IIS server (in C#.NET) and it simply sends a url over to the Asterisk server with the phone number to call back, which generates a quick call script that kicks off the return call and then connects into the dialplan.