Website 'call me back'


how would i go about makeing a ‘call me back’ icon on my website?

I have asterisk and a web server but they are not on the same server.



can you be a bit more specific as to what you are trying to accomplish? do you want users to enter their number and have the system call them back and connect them to you, or something else…

yes, it’s doable.

yes, it’s easy.

you want to have the webserver gather whatever info you need, then connect to asterisk and initiate the call.

i prefer using a socket to connect to the manager interface, but you can also drop a call file into the /var/spool/asterisk/outgoing folder. either way will allow you to initiate the call.


thanks for your help whoiswes

you were right about what i wanted. I want people on my site to type in their phone number and a their/my phone will ring and when they/I answer the other phone will ring and connect us.

The asterisk server is in my office but the website is hosted professionally somewhere else in the world. Is this a problem?



I have asterisk and a web server but they are not on the same server.
There been on diferent servers doesn’t matter as long as a tcp connection can
be initiated between them that uses asterisk manager api commands.

You just need to instruct from the webpage to asterisk the phone no to call.
For that you have to use Manager API as i said before.
After the person takes the calll he is redirected to the asterisk dialplan in which you can have
the instruction to call your phone.

There is a working example called Trivial Asterisk Call-generation Interface: … ck+to+call

Ruby on Rails with RAGI would be good. … khome.html

real easy
You need create a manager in the manager_custom.conf file just copy a current one and change user [name] / password under permit put the IP address of the web server you will be using.

if you are not using a GUI and edit by hand it could be manager.conf if you wish.
But I always create include files for my tweaks.

In the clcik-to-call.php you set the exten or number you wish to be called at.

and the IP address of the IP address of the web server info

It works great, create more than one by renaming the page and change extn or number to call

You get the call then the call is made to the other party