Initiate a call from Web Page

Hi All,

We have a web based contact directory that users in the office use. We’re also running Asterisk + Grandstream handsets.

I’d like for users to be able to click an link on the web page and have this initate a call, so that they don’t need to manually enter the nunber into their phone.

I know this can be done fairly easily with a Softphone, running on each users machine, but that’s not the route that I want to go.

Does anyone know how this can be achieved?


Hi This can be done with ADA or if using greasemonkey its possible using intergration with it

see … &Itemid=60 for more details


Thanks Ian, I think that’s exactly what I’m looking for.

you can use Doddle free Online SIP webphone to empower a webpage with VoIP telephone:

It is possible to enable click2call (trigger a call automatically) or SIP webphone using your Asterisk Server:

  1. Create SIP account on your Asterisk (click2call)
  2. create a route to this clicktocall
  3. invoke doddle as: … ONE_NUMBER"

You can set a fixed route, use HTML, images, JavaScript,etc