Call forwarding? (asterisk@home)


My project involves making an old laptop into a VOIP system I can screw to my wall in my garage… I’m ideally looking to setup a pre-pay VOIP system for my friends to call internationally at rock bottom prices, on a special ‘beer-as-you-go’ system - they buy me a beer and I give them talktime!

My technical knowledge is fair, but not fantastic. I sucessfully installed Asterisk@home and have got incoming calls working from - they go straight into my call management system and I can either put them straight through to my mailbox or occasionally if I’m lucky I’ve got it redirecting to my laptop to pickup calls. Conferencing works fine as well.

I’m fairly chuffed with myself.

Meantime, my next stage in the project is to redirect users back out of my box through sipgate to provide cheap calls. I’m faily stuck - I’m not even sure what I’m doing is called - especially if I want to charge people at a later date, but I’m looking to take one step at a time.

How I perceive it working:
Users ring a local number and come into my box through sipgate at a local rate. (note: no PSTN, that kind of thing doesn’t interest me at present)
They dial the full country code and number in the menu and are redirected out of my box through sipgate getting substantially cheaper international calls.

Unfortunately so far I haven’t really made much progress with my config files and am currently at work (I’ll do my best to boot up and transfer them tonight/tomorrow) but if someone could point me in the right direction of a tutorial I’ll work through it.