Hi there,

I want to create an Asterisk setup based on the following. Can someone tell me if it is workable?

x86 Server connected to a broadband internet connection running Asterisk at home, configured to work with a sipgate UK telephone number.

Other Win XP computer configured as an extension using the IP of the server to be dialled into and out to via the PSTN.

Any more information needed, just give me a shout.


Yeah, it’s workable. It should be simple.

Thanks for your message.

So far so good…to a point.

Asterisk installed quickly and easily, and I’m able to make calls on the local network without a fuss.

What I’m now trying to do is receive calls from the PSTN, which is where things are getting tricky. I’m behind a Barricade Router 7004VBR, which is at least three years old. It supports port forwarding, and I’ve successfully run a web server from behind it before now.

However, I can’t get call the number I’ve been allocated and successfully reach myself from the PSTN. All I get is the usual Sipgate voicemail greeting, which is nothing to do with Asterisk. I’ve now disabled that, and I get “service cannot be connected”, instead.

I would like to forward ports to Asterisk, but can’t find a decent list of which ports to forward anywhere. I also don’t know what I need to do to get Asterisk to tell Sipgate a device is live at my end. Do I need to reboot the device, or will it keep trying until it succeeds?

Furthermore, is there a log available I can use for troubleshooting? Would it help if I pasted in my config files?

Thanks a lot for your help.

Sep 9 12:51:15 NOTICE[2041]: -- Registration for '' timed out, trying again Sep 9 12:51:33 DEBUG[2041]: Manager received command 'Command' Sep 9 12:51:33 DEBUG[2041]: Manager received command 'Command' Sep 9 12:51:55 WARNING[2041]: No such host: Sep 9 12:52:15 NOTICE[2041]: -- Registration for '' timed out, trying again Sep 9 12:52:55 WARNING[2041]: No such host:


Sep 9 13:00:56 VERBOSE[2041]: == Manager 'phpconfig' logged off from Sep 9 13:01:36 WARNING[2041]: Unable to lookup '' Sep 9 13:01:37 DEBUG[2041]: Setting NAT on RTP to 0

Does this mean my Asterisk box hasn’t got an internet connection? I can’t telnet in to find out.

The easiest way to see if your asterisk box has access to the internet is to ping some server somewhere.

If you’re running a GUI on your asterisk box, you might just try opening a browser.

If you can surf to websites, then you have access to the internet.

In your case, it could be firewall issues, a misconfigured gateway, incorrect DNS entries…

Any number of things (many network config related, not asterisk) can cause the messages that you posted.