Woot ! I'm so happy - Asterisk@Home and Sipgate working!

Hi all,

As you’ve probably guessed from the title, I’m a newbie to Asterisk/AAH.

I’ve spent weeks googling and reading docs on the web and up until tonight, whilst I could get my AAH box to register with Sipgate and two SPA841’s to register with my AAH box and call each other, try as I might I couldn’t work out the config to make and receive calls via the SIP trunk. I was starting to think that maybe it wasn’t just me having read of so many people having problems making Sipgate work, so went looking at other VoIP provider sites.

I’m happy to say that having found the help docs on the Gradwell site and followed those (but using the Sipgate host/login information of course) it all works :smiley:

Just in case there’s anyone else struggling, here’s a link to the relevant page that helped me out of a jam: esupport.gradwell.net/index.php? … bcat&_i=29

Off to read up on dial plans now. Big up to Gradwell ! If only Sipgate’s tech support was that good.

Regards to all. Great Forum


glad to hear someone had some success
i managed to connect aah to sipgate and i set up 2 internal extensions which work fine and i can dial out but i cant seem to get aah to accept incoming calls on the trunk and i have run out of ideas

sipgates site says something about adding some lines to extensions.conf but where to put it and what to put in there is unclear i tried all i can think of but still no joy

if anyone using sipgate.co.uk with aah has any words of wisdom for me it would be very much appreciated