Call Direct Pickup [Snom-AAstra-Thomson]


I use Asterisk 1.4.11 and i want use fonctionnality of call direct pickup on IPPhone. With asterisk 1.2 it’s ready but i can’t use with asterisk 1.4.

BLF is ready with all IPPhone, but when i push the button for pickup a number, there are a new channel is created.

With *8 the pickup is ready.

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I have the same problem with snom 320. It does not send anything to asterisk when you press the ringing key. If you press a second time, it works but it leaves a line key on hold.

The Polycom allows this to work but it only shows the busy state on the lamp.

I combined DEVSTATE with pickup to decide if the key should pickup or call the phone.

The other problem I have is I can’t pickup SIP to SIP calls with directed picked