No target channel found when trying to pickup

Hi all,

one of the last problems I ran into is pickup.
I’ve added an exten (_*8.) to my extensions.conf to allow BLF key pickup on the Snom 320’s using a |*8 after the numbers on the buttons. Hints work fine, I can see the other phones ringing and inuse on the LEDs and calling them with the buttons also works fine.
But when I try to pickup a flashing BLF, them Snom shows " declined", where number is the number of the extension to pickup. Asterisk logs a "No target channel found for " message.
I simply use {EXTEN:2} for the target, no @context added. I tried it with the contexts of the phones, of the incoming sipgate trunk and with the context in which the sip peers to the isdn-sip converter are located with no success.

Any idea? Let me know if you need any logs, confs or whatever!