Devstate idiosyncracies with polycom or snom and cmd Pickup

Hi List,

I’ve got a polycom (650) and a snom (320) trying to do some LED changes. Basically, I want to set up so a phone that is alerting flashes, an established call is a solid light etc…

This is to help the receptionist do a directed pickup to a handset of a colleague.

In the case of the polycom, using the different coloured LEDs would be a bonus.

The behaviour of both phones is nearly 100% what I want.

  1. The polycom can’t distinguish between an alerting call and an established call (in both cases the lights are solid)

  2. The snom, requires two presses of the function key - on the first press nothing happens - not even a call out to asterisk (so this is probably a snom firmware problem). On the second button press the phone does the directed pickup correctly but the light of an existing call (BLF) gets switched off.

How much of the polycom’s problem is with the polycom? Or is it to do with how asterisk sends hints out.

Same with the snom. I don’t have configs handy for the moment, but if anyone has some insights, I’ll look at them next time I’m looking at the system.