Direct call-pickup between snom320 and thomson ST2030


I read ? lot of post for this subject but nothing to resolve my problem.

My plateform:

20 Snom 320
20 Thomson ST2030
and some softphone (x-lite, snom, idefisk)

What i Want:

Picking a call from another phone by pressing on a function Key on my phone

What i do:

First i patch my asterisk with this patch and after many try it’s look OK with the snom phones.


User-joe (thomson ST2030) make a call to user-fred. User-fred phone (snom 320) ringing, on my snom320 an FK blinking if i press it , i can speak to user-joe.

That 's OK (I want that)

Now, if user-fred (snom 320) make a call to User-joe (thomson ST2030). User-joe phone ringing, on my snom320 another FK blinking, if i press it, my phone don’t pick the call but make a call to the user-joe phone. On the user-joe phone, they’re two incoming call: One from user-fred and on one from me…

My question:

How Can i resolve my problems (first time, i try with the ChanIsAvail Application for testing the status of each phone and if ringing can make intercept the call by the pickup Application… not OK )

Thank You