Call bridge in asterisk

Hi, A very good morning to all of you, i am going to trying the call bridge concept in asterisk with the help of php, so please guide me the best way to do this work…what will be better for this concept php AMI or Php AGI ? and is it possible this work only by php AMI?

Hi @Asteriskabhi,
There is no need in PHP to understand the concept. What exactly are you going to achieve? Do you have a specific business goal or you are just playing with Asterisk functionality?

Define exactly what you mean with call bridge ? , because you can bridge a call using dial()

sir , i am just testing that how to bridge the live call so that i can use in future if required by using php AMI …

yes sir,i want to bridge the live call i.e if caller A talking to caller B and caller B (caller B transfer the call from his mobile phone by press any DTMF key i.e call attended transfer)want to transfer the call to caller C (mobile phone)…in this process A call to any sip/Pri DID number & listen the IVR and call landed to caller B(mobile number) and now Caller B want to transfer this caller to mobile number of caller this process will work or not, if yes to please give me small hint. I have tried this process and i am getting DTMF from transfer number but i am confuse [not getting any idea that how to enter the transfer number during live call by using PHp or direct asterisk if transfer number is no predefined] that how to enter the mobile number after DTMF digit.