Asterisk 20 ari bridge call

Anyone can help me to make a bridge call with ari
i just want to call my number first then after i answer it will call the another guy and i should be able to hear the ring that call is ringing to him and also i should be able to get dtmf from the another guy please someone help me with this

There’s a general documentation page covering bridging[1] but ultimately if you’re writing an application using ARI, it is up to you to put the pieces together in the way you desire/need. For example in this case you’d use channel create and dial probably, plus bridge creation and add, maybe some other things. Break down what you’re trying to achieve into logical parts and look at what ARI provides, and experiment, learn, try. If you encounter issues then ask for help, but you need to put effort in yourself too.

[1] ARI and Bridges Bridge Operations - Asterisk Documentation

Most or all of this is “click to call” of which there are many solutions from before ARI. Why do you have a requirement to use ARI?

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