Call answring application

hi all
Is there any application in asterisk through which we can know that iour call that was automatically generated by manager API is answered or not
and take further actions or playback some thing after some one aswers

Nope, you will have to build an AGI server (application) or Fast AGI server to do that. Fast AGI server just means it is running on a different machine than Asterisk.

I do it as follows:

  1. via the Manager API I originate the call and set some channel variables. (one of the variables is the number to dial). I also gives it a context, exten and priority if the call gets answered.
  2. It dials into an exten in the diaplan which will create a Local channel and then call the number found in the variable.
  3. Within that context I capture all the unsuccessful possibilities and call an Fast AGI server (windows applciation) with the result to log it to a database.
  4. If the call gets answered it jumps into the context that was provided with the originate.
  5. Again I call the Fast AGI server to update the database.

Hope that makes sense, it is kind of complicated, but once you understand AGI and the Manager API it is actually very powerful.

Also if it is not time critical to know you then you can work through the CDR file to find out what happened.

i only want to know that can i get the information while dialing to some mobile number that is he/she answerd the call or is h/she busy and is he/she unavailable that is not picking up my automated call so i perform some application
is there some thing in asterisk which can serve me in these respects
I didnt understand ur 2nd point can u please send me ur extension.conf particular part as an example

any ways thnx for ur previous answer

If you’re wanting to do Call Process Analysis on the call (answering machine, human, etc ) There are threads on here about answering machine detection.
Search and use wiki.