Check the call response (AUTO-CALL)

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i’m new in this forum and i hope this is the right section.

I try to configure a little predictive with asterisk 1.8 and PHP AGI script. I have a real problem with the identification of the call answer. The calls are generated from .call files opportunity configured and genarete even 1 or 3 or 6 second. Now the call start my telephone ring, but when i do busy without response the asterisk continue in the extension because the secretary start and answer the call.

Have you any ideas so correct thi problem?

This is the question of the life or death!!! :smiley:

Thanks for al replay i hope are very much.

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Use local channels and handle the status via dialplan.

thanks for the replay,

but i don’t know what you means however i try this configurazione in call file insert local/number@custom_context

in the extensions.conf
exten => _XXXXXXXXXX,1,Dial(OOH323/${EXTEN}@Avaya)

but the NoOp not show any variable!!! i hope the variable is wrong, but i want only retrieve the time of conversation beacause i do something when the time is egual o major of…

The CDR not working for me beacause not cunfigured properly i want to do this but i don’t know how to do.


That should work, although it will not output anything beyond the Dial line if the call is actually answered, according to the H.323 protocol.

I’m wondering if your real problem is that the Avaya is answering prematurely.

ooooohhhhhh nooooooo!!!

i think the same!!!

Now i think that the Avaya answer i have always answer, instead i have the reason of hang up when i close the call the asterisk recieve the cause.

exsume me david55,

but the astersik make the call, then he have the call duration time, but don’t he have nothing!!!

I need something for check the call and do something with the php agi script!!!

isn’t possible the asterisk make the call and he doesn’t know anithing of this call?

I have possible to get the status from the channel h323?

if not possible how to make call with local channel then have the status?

thanks for replay very very appreciate!!!

i need help is urgent!!!

how to transfer call generated from h323 trunk to local channel sip?

if i transfer the call the status and the duration time is here?