Asterisk AGI = Do not answer

This is a bit new to me.

Im working on a application that should not answer a specific call depending on a few paramteters (callerid) and Im curious if that would be possible if I send the call to my AGI application.

In my extensions I have not answered the call, ie im doing:
exten => +1111,1,AGI(agi://

The application is not answering the call (callerID is not right). But when I dial the extension it does not ring, it just terminates the call. Is that by design? If the callerid is right my application picks up the call.

On any technology capable of signalling an alerting state (e.g. ISDN or SIP) you must explicitly signal Alerting, by invoking the Ringing application, before the network is guaranteed to generate ringback tone to the caller.

Your requirements don’t appear to require AGI.

(The Dial application will relay Alerting and can be forced to send it. The Queue application can be forced to send it, rather than music on hold, and attempting to send music may actually result in ringing, because the network doesn’t accept early media.)

This is not a suitable forum for Support questions.

Could you refer me to a suitable forum for support?

Thank You!

One with “Support” in its name.

General is a discussion forum, although most of the posts are misplaced support ones.

My bad, my assuption where that “Support” where releated to commersial products but you are right.

Anyways the problem is solved. When my AGI code where executed and I returned to the dialplan a configuration error did not execute the ringing as I wanted and now that has been fixed.