Outbound calls using AGI

I am new to Asterisk. I understand I can make outbound calls something like: exten=> 1001,1,Dial(SIP/1001) in the dial plan. But if I do this with an AGI script then I can just print this statement with Print command. I don’t understand what will happen after that? I mean number 1001 will be dialed but The script will need to do some call progress analysis, otherwise how will the AGI script know whether the call is connected, busy or what ever? How is this call progress analysis done? What program will do this? Also if I need ti dial many outbound extentions in a call centre type envirnoment how will I do that. Could some one put me in the right direction. I hvae tried to get the answer in some books but haven’t found anything.

AGI is primarily for inbound calls (it may be used to launch a call based on another call, etc) or calls initiated by the Manager API or Asterisk call files.

voip-info.org/tiki-index.php … o-dial+out

Of course the AGI may initiate a dial after being invoked by an inbound call, or a call generated by ManagerAPI/call files. And for call progress details you need to use the Manager API which provides these details in the return events.

Thanks MuppetMaster this has helped a lot. Asterisk call files seem very straight forward and this is what I wanted to know. I haven’t understood much about manager API yet. But I will work on it.



Can these call files work with Asterisk@home just as they work with Asterisk? Has anyone created .call files for the Asterisk@home?

Asterisk@Home is built upon Asterisk and therefore all of the features native to Asterisk are possible with A@H.

Thanks for your help MuppetMaster.