Asterisk as Voice logger

I have asterisk installed on my box and i am using it as E1 based voice logger, like E1 card is installed on box and every call hits to my E1 line it automatically gets stored in /var/spool/asterisk/monitor/ folder, now problem is that i want to connect to PC’s/clients to that server who can easily listen to that calls and do the following operations.

  1. It should be GUI (Preferrably browser based)
  2. Advanced search for logged Calls.
  3. Calls should be played within that windows itself, no need to open in Windows media player.
  4. Backup facility of calls.
  5. Set priority for calls and insert comment to them.
  6. Call grouping,

Does some one know some simple script for this where i can simply put ip address on my client machine and view/listen to recorded files ?

If some php or some kind of developer can post me code for that ?