.Net Integration


I am interested in writing a Vb.net application for asterisk. I wondered what is the best way to do this for asterisk 1.8 / 10. I know there is the asterisk.net project but not sure if this will work with the asterisk 1.8 / 10.

Ideally I want the program to be able to retrieve the callerid on a specific phone, and originate calls.

Any advice will be really welcome


Yes . Asterisk Dot net library works fine with asterisk 1.8 and 10 .
you can simply write your library too . you can use the standard AMI ( Asterisk Manager Interface ) to write the application you want .
Of course for the program you mentioned Asterisk Dot net library is good enough . you have all the applications to read or set the caller Id , Dialing , Transferring , etc .