BT dual number set up

I have a single BT line from the ptsn. It has two numbers: 100001 and 200002. Each rings differently. Can * determine which is ringing and route calls accordingly? ie 100001 to the study(6010) and 200002 to the lounge(6020)?

Any help appreciated

i assume you mean distinctive ring?

yes you can define dring inputs in zapata.conf. As I recall you set it so the dring value puts it in a different context. Asterisk generates a series of 3 numbers to indicate the dring timing, as i recall you sort of have to test these rather than use defaults. However if distinctive ring detection is turned on it should spit them out on the console…

helix is spot on. i tried using BT Call-Sign (as it’s known here) with my TDM01B, but got fed up with the inconsistency of the numbers seen on the console when the call to the second number came in.

i gave up and went VoIP for my additional number(s) … YMMV