Incoming Distinctive Ring


I’m having a problem with distinctive ring detection. I’m using a TDM22B on a dual xeon Debian Linux server running asterisk 1.2.13. Calls are coming in fine but the distinctive ring pattern is detected slightly differently for most calls, thus making matches impossible and causing asterisk to fall through to the default. For example, calling the first number shows these results one time:

Detected ring pattern: 201,97,0

And then calling the same number again results in this pattern:

Detected ring pattern: 205,97,0

Calling it again might yield different results, but the range is always roughly 195 through 210 for the first number.

Whereas calling the second number might result in patterns like this:

Detected ring pattern: 379,324,158
Detected ring pattern: 382,326,157

Since the numbers change pseudo-randomly I don’t think that it would be reasonable to try to dringN for each possible pattern. There would have to be over 100 dringpatterns in order to support that.

Is there a way to specify a range for the values? So, for the first number Asterisk might accept everything from 195-215,0-150,0 and then for the second: 370-390,310-340,145-165.

I’ve searched the forums, google, everything that I can think of but I can’t seem to find anyone with this problem. Any other ideas?

AFAIK the range is set and it about 10 or so,

Pick the average and check it follows it