Brooktrout TR1034's?

Hi All,

I’ve googled to death and nothing says they aren’t supported as an E1 interface for use with Asterisk, but nothing says it works either.

Anybody got a definitive answer as to if I can use them as a PRI interface ?

I would much rather toss them and go Digium, but the client who paid for them isn’t too keen :astonished:


That’s a fax board? Do people use it for voice or just for fax?

Let the customer down gently, their previous investment in Brooktrout TR1034’s is just going to have to go down as depreciation to zero - unless they can get something for them on Ebay.

The card isn’t supported by chan_dahdi, that’s for sure. If there’s some other wacky way to make it work, you’ll only regret going that route in the long term - hassle, frustration, anger, etc.


Thanks Malcolm ! That’s what I was afraid of, but probably a blessing in disguise !