Faxing Again!

Hi Again,

Ok, i seems no-one had any ideas regarding my last post - hopefully get a few more answers with this one.

We have built an infrastructure of some 12 servers, each with Quad E1s using the digium cards ( built in echo cancellation ).

We were planning to use this as a broadcasting solution on a wholesale basis ( ie, we send what other people ask us to ) but although my testing on a fax to email gateway worked ( i was getting about an 84% sucess rate on sent faxes to ti ), im getting much, much lower results with normal fax machines.

Ive narrowed it down to 2 possible causes : Latency on the PCI bus, or Gains on the Zap channels.

Is there a definative Yes or No as to whether gains work when using PRI lines?

Has anyone else rolled out such a system? We are looking to send around 800,000 faxes a day to the UK and USA using TDM lines.