Help deciding on card

A little history…

I’ve been trying to get the linksys spa9000 and spa400 up and working. I’m basically fed up.

What i’d like to do is the following:

get two isdn lines. with a couple dids. 1 for fax( route to two internal analog lines , 1 for the company main #, and maybe some other things.

I’m in canada, so I would have to get an external NT1, this much I know. I don’t think we’re going to use much for voip providers, they just don’t work very good in saskatchewan. I’ve used the eicon cards before for dedicated fax solutions but I am just getting my feet wet with voice solutions here.

T1’s are ridiculously expensive here, so that is definitly out. isdn is my only way.

Any help is appreciated!!

i don’t know how well they handle faxing but I’ve used the Jungheim cards. They work well with Asterisk.