Broadvoice and Lag

So today is test day for my little Asterisk@Home system. We’ve got about a week and a half to get the bugs ironed out before I trash this one and then build two clean boxes for our new office.

The issue of the hour is that my single test user (other than myself, of course) is complaining of significant lag (>0.5 second) when making or receiving a VoIP call through Broadvoice. Calls from her to my phone do not have this issue.

The server setup is as follows:

3.0M/768K DSL -> Linksys WiFi Router -> 24-port GigE Switch -> Asterisk Box (AXP 2000+, 256MB PC2100).

Her phone is setup as follows:
Same 24-port GigE Switch -> 24-port 10/100 Switch -> Broadvoice HandyTone-286 -> AT&T 2-line Phone

Is there any particular config issues I should look out for or is this just something that is normal for VoIP calls that my users will have to deal with?

Let me know if I need to post any config files to get this resolved.

A new hour, a new complaint…

Now she says that there’s a hiss in the background of every call, including internal ones. I’ve noticed it, and it isn’t there on POTS calls, so I know that it’s something introduced by Asterisk, VoIP, the phone, or something else related to this new system. Anyone else have any hissing issues?