Bridging 2 Locations

I work with a non-profit in Mexico. We have an office in Ensenada and a camp facility 12 miles away. The office in Ensenada has Internet access and one phone line. The camp facility has a Panasonic EMSS 336 PBX (analog) and a network system throughout the camp (wired and wireless). We are planning to connect the Ensenada office network with the camp network through a WLAN bridge, making one network system.

Does the following configuration seem like a good plan?

At the Ensenada office:

Install Asterisk and connect the existing phone line to an FXO port (and have 3 additional FXO ports for possible future lines). Set up an IP phone as the Ensenada office phone extension.

At the camp facility:

Use an 8-port FXS VOIP gateway to connect to the PBX to allow 8 simultaneous access from the PBX system to IP phone extensions and/or outside lines.

This should allow us to connect IP phones at both the Ensenada office and the camp facility to run off of the Asterisk system, and both the IP phones and the PBX system would have access to the outside lines and other IP phones.

Am I looking at this correctly?

yes you are in right direction

make it as a picture for better understanding same like the picture in the below link

might the following link will usefull for you … highlight=