Connecting Asterisk IP PBX server to another building

Ok… Here is the situation. I am a bit of a noob on this pbx thing… I have general idea of how it works. More of a computer guy, so should able to setup with some guidance…

I am trying to help out a friend, he is trying to auto body shop. The problem is the shop where have no communication lines and could only fit the shop itself, therefore the office will needed to be at the place across the street.

Now since there are not telephone line, cable or anything on the shop itself, the asterisk server will be in the office… however how could I wirelessly bring a few lines there (4 extension max).

Currently I have setup a outdoor wireless bridge for wifi-G that is for the internet / lan. Could I somehow add the phone system to it? Will the bandwidth be ok on top of the internet, or should I built another network just for phone? Also if I could do that, what is the procedure?

Another idea is to use GSM as the source of phone line… but is it possible to do that instead of PSTN and if I could just use smartphone instead of getting very expensive GSM modem?

It depends on the voice codec, but you should be fine with reserving 80kbps (simultanious upload/download) for each individual call. If your Wi-Fi link has enough bandwidth to accomodate this requirement, you can run VoIP via the Wi-Fi link. I see no problems with that.

If you want to use a GSM for uplink to public telephony, please use a proper VoIP-GSM gateway. You are building a professional VoIP system and stability always matters more than the price. If you client doesn’t agree with you, find another client who will. Because if something wont work OK when everything is set up, it will be your fault :wink:

As far as the configuration part is concerned - you will have to start learning Asterisk on your own or hire a consultant who knows what he is doing. The other option is to use a distribution with a WebGUI (i.e. Elastix), which is eazier to set up but much harder to debug in case of problems.