Recommended Setup

I work with a non-profit organization in Mexico.

We have an office in Ensenada and a camp facility 12 miles away that we are planning on bridging with a microwave WLAN bridge. In the Ensenada office we have one phone line and one regular phone. In the camp we have a Panasonic EMSS 336 PBX and wireless and wired network access throughout the camp.

I would like to tie the phone line at the Ensenada office into our existing PBX and also allow for future lines (one of these lines may be a Dock-N-Talk port to connect a cell phone to the system). Because we have wireless network access throughout the camp I would like to be able to use handheld VOIP phones. The ideal situation would be to integrate an Asterisk system with our existing PBX to act as one system. If not, we can dial from one system to the other and then access the phones we want to.

Also, the camp is run on solar power. Therefore, if it is possible, I would like to house the Asterisk system at the Ensenada office. Otherwise, if I house it at the camp, I will need to upgrade our solar system to power the Asterisk system.

What recommendations can you give me as far as how to set this up?

Thank you. :smile:

I am considering the following:

Instead of an analog phone at the Ensenada office, switch it out for an IP phone and using this configuration:

Ensenada Office:

1 IP Phone
1 Asterisk server with 4 FXO ports (TDM400 or equivalent card–to be purchased) for four possible lines (one current line, 3 future lines, one of which could be a Dock-N-Talk to connect a cell phone to the system).

This would connect via a WLAN bridge to the camp office.

Camp Office:

1 VOIP Gateway 4-Port FXS (To be purchased)

This would let us use four lines to dial into the Asterisk system to access the outside lines or any IP phones on the system.

We do not need very many simultaneous calls (ballpark of 10 would work fine for us).

Does this look like a good solution? Am I understanding correctly that using the PBX we could dial the IP phones or use the IP phones to dial into the PBX?

I need to clarify something:

Most of the 10 simultaneous call will not be to outside lines (we currently only have 1) nor to the IP phones (we won’t have that many), but within the existing PBX. As far as outside lines and IP phones, I believe that 4 simultaneous calls would work fine for us.