Bridged Wireless Network

I have a wireless bridge between my network and a neighbor’s network utilizing a Ubiquity Locostation M2:

My_Gateway <==> My_Network <==> LocostationM2 Wireless Bridge <==> Gateway_2

Because the bandwidth is signifcantly higher at Gateway_2, I would like to route calles through it.

When I ping the gateway_2, the majority of the time it is under 2ms, however it can be as high as 200ms (rare). If I were to route all calling through gateway 2, should I expect wireless bridge noticably affect VOIP quality? The bridge’s bandwidth is high, however, bandwidth is only one factor that affects VOIP.

If I run the Visualware VOIP Test through gateway_2, from My_network, does the results take into account the wireless bridge?

Visualware VOIP Test <==> My_Network <==> LocostationM2 Wireless Bridge <==> Gateway_2

This is the results of the test (G711 Codec) through gateway_2 without any competing (data) traffic). These results were observed when large downloads are engaged.

I hope that others with experience setting up VOIP across a wireless bridge will weigh in with lessons learned.