Video conference call bandwidth with remote sip proxy

Hi Guys,

Got a noob question.

I have a group of offices in regional QLD, highest speed available ADSL2. I have installed 2 Yealink video phones in the main office and one branch office and setup a trixbox sip proxy in our datacentre at the aggregation point of the ADSL2 connections. Quality is great they say, works a treat.

Now the question they and I have is…

If they were to install 4 more phones in 4 other branch offices and the main office created a conference call, would the main office still only have 1 data stream to the sip proxy, still only using the same amount of bandwdith as one office to office call and then distribute off at the proxy? or will 5 individual streams need to come from the main office, probably consuming and running out of bandwidth?

Cheers for any help and advice.

Conference bridging is done at the user agent level. Asterisk doesn’t have any high level support for distributed audio bridging. I’m not familiar with the video support, but I think it is more limited.