Board is leaking real names

When it emails someone bout an update to a thread, the board is sending the real name of the person who updated the thread. That is not expected as normal default behaviour on modern BBS systems and I was unable to finding a privacy settings page.

As it happens, my real name already leaked when the bug reporting software was changed to Atlassian.

(If the board were hosted in the EU, you would have been required to have a privacy policy page on the web site.)

@david551 - I’ll contact the Discourse team and see if there’s something we can do about that. Please do me a favor and post a reply to this message so I have an example to work from.



That’s because the enable names site setting is enabled. If you don’t want full name in emails, @ssokol, just disable that site setting :wink:

Thanks. Changed. The site should now use username instead of real name.

@david551 - sorry about that. New system, new challenges.