How to modify/config voicemail IVR menu?

HI friends,

i am recently configuring voice-mail…
and the VoiceMailMain() function has the following call flow:

[quote]1 Old Messages

3 Advanced options

 1 Send reply
 2 Call back
 3 Envelope
 4 Outgoing call
 5 Leave message
 * Return to main menu

4 Play previous message
5 Repeat current message
6 Play next message
7 Delete current message
8 Forward message to another mailbox
9 Save message in a folder

  • Help; during msg playback: Rewind

Exit; during msg playback: Fastforward

2 Change folders
3 Advanced options
0 Mailbox options

1 Record your unavailable message
2 Record your busy message
3 Record your name
4 Change your password

  • Return to the main menu

  • Help


how can i make changes to this default menu???
you can reply me here, or send me e-mail
many thanks

Did you get an answer on this one ? I’m in the same situation, where I have to adapt the behavior in Asterisk when they press “8” to forward the voicemail message … had high hopes finding this thread :smile:

Thanks in advance,

app_voicemail doesn’t offer configurable voice menus. It’s an old, old application, written without user control over the menu tree.

I was scared it would be the case. Thanks for your reply !

No problem.

If you’re handy with node.js, we wrote some sample voicemail applications for the ARI support in Asterisk 13, see the node-voicemail… over at:

Oh that’s great, I’ll make sure to look into that (and probably show that to a JS expert I know) !

That could be the workaround we want.

Thanks again !