Beginner's questions

Hi folks,
I have few silly questions but no idea where to find the answer. Any urls or direct answers are appreciated.
1, My system involves only SIP, are zapata and zaptel still needed?
2, Is it possible to initiate a call from system, play some sound files, record some file, instead of being called in? If it’s possible (I believe so), what command to use?

  1. No, I don’t think you don’t really need any Zap stuff if you’re just going all SIP.

2)It’s possible to do what you’re saying, anything is possible :smile: However, you should try and be more specific as to exactly what you are looking for :smile:

Thanks for the good news!

I think i still don’t get the idea dialplan defined in extensions.conf.
It appears to me like a complex regexp engine, which matches incoming dialing number as exten, then follow the priority step by step to exec the applications. So I don’t know how to start a call from asterisk.

the basic idea is to setup a wakeup call to myself every morning 9:00, read all my voicemails and record my respond, then hangup.
The schedule can be implemented in crontab. but how to call me and read the voicemails?

You will need to have installed ZAPATA or DAHDI to use fun stuff like meeme() and other cool stuff in features.conf

If you are only using SIP &| IAX you dont need to configure these devices. They have a “dummy” driver that provides an internal timer for applications such as meetme(), but you do need to build and install them before you install Asterisk and the Add Ons module if you are building from source. You also need to make sure that they are running before you start asterisk.

Good luck. Let me know how you go


The script launched through the crontab has to create an * call file, see … o-dial+out .


Marco Bruni