Beep tone on incoming call

Hi Guys,

Can I play a beep tone sound on each incoming calls to my agents…so that agent would be able to know the customer has reached on line…

That is default behaviour for an Agent channel. If you are using some other mechanism, you need to explain what you are doing.

I am using a simple scenario wherein I take incoming call on DID and move that call into inbound queue…My login and ready agent take that call(Xlite Softphone) when any customer calls on our DID…

the only issue is my agent start listening from customer’s voice only what i want if any beep sound comes on agents headphone as customer’s call hit his Xlite so agent would be able to identify that customer is on line…

because sometimes customer does not speak and agent think that nobody is on call…

Why is the XLite not ringing?

If the agent logs in with AgentLogin, they should hear beep.wav being played without you needing to do anything. If you have SIP/agent in your queue members, the agent’s phone should ring.

(Our problem was that we actually didn’t want the beep, because the agents were aware of the call through the CTI functions of our system.)

I am sorry I think I could not explain you…xlite is ringing but what let me explain you…my xlite is on auto answer mode so when call will be call will be answered automatically but in case customer does not speak anything and agent is not watching his computer screen so agent would not no that any connected incoming call is running…
if i just play a beep tone or any customize tone just after call get auto answered so agent would get a notification.

I have sip agent in my queue

you mean at every incoming answer call beep.wav gets play and agent can hear the message of beep.wav?

If you use AgentLogin, the agent is on one continuous call all the time they are logged in, and each call is delimited by a beep. You have to put Agent/… lines as your members, and have to define the agents in agents.conf.

It sounds to me as though you are trying to simulate this behaviour, in some way, without using agent channels, possibly by using auto-answer headers when calling the phone.

The down side of using agent channels is that they agent cannot make ordinary calls without either using second line, or first logging off.

There is also a facility to run a subroutine (membergosub), on the agent channel, just before they are given the call. That can be used to announce things about the call, but it could be as simple as just a beep.

ok thanks…and with which option should I go because agents do outgoing calls too so there should not be any change…i think There is also a facility to run a subroutine (membergosub), this would be your suggestion David?

Only you know all the circumstances. You are basically going to get hints here, not complete solutions.

Interesting, I havent used agent channel I will test it