Newbie Asterisk Questions SIP Numbers PCI cards

I’ve been reading the forums and docs and wikipedia trying to figure out what it is that I want to try to do with asterisk.

Here’s my project:

Setup Asterisk Box with a Sip number from gizmo project or some other provider
Wire my house to the asterisk box
Make all the phones in the house go through the asterisk box and consequently to the SIP number, so all my calling is through the SIP number.
No extensions, nothing fancy. Just something to replace my vonage service, and “maybe” add a second line to in the future.

With all that I can’t figure out what I should get for a PCI card for the asterisk box, either FXS or FXO. Or even both.

Now with all of that in mind I was also thinking that a might work better for me Instead of dedicating a whole linux box to serving one phone number.

So I welcome the thoughts, and hopefully I haven’t just aske a question that is already done in a how-to that I failed to find.


if you don’t need any ‘exchange’ capabilities or dialling between extensions, you don’t really need Asterisk at all.

You could just use a VoIP<>Telephone adapter ‘ATA’ box like an (e.g.) Linksys/Sipura SPA3102

You connect it to your network & configure it via a web browser.
You put in the settings for whatever VoIP provider you are using & plug it inline with your incoming telephone cable.

You can then make and receive calls both by VoIP and conventional phone. If the power fails it connects the phones directly back to the normal phone line so you still have emergency service.

There are numerous makes and variations on these depending what facilities you want, but I like the ability to accept calls from both conventional & VoIP systems on the same phone(s), which is fairly rare.

Well snap, that makes my home project road map a little easier.
I’m not really looking for a anything to connect to an existing phone line. I have my vonage stuff wired to a UPS right now, and If I need more than that I have a generator out back.

I’m googling the devices you mentioned as we speak, are there any that are recommended over one or the other?

have a look through these adapters: … e+Adapters

and these, the Routers with built in VoIP Ports: